The Zhurong rover begins exploring Mars, new satellite regulations are out, and Galactic Energy eyes the international market.
This week: China gets a space station, the rocket didn’t kill anyone (probably), and more news on the mega-constellation.

March 2021

A look at different company rankings, a new rocket company, and scads of policy developments
This week: A deep-dive into rocketmaker Galactic Energy, the iSpace launch failure report, and Geely gets the go ahead to build satellites for its…

February 2021

Not off the ground yet
2021: a mars landing, 40+ launches, a new space white paper, and a Chinese space station

January 2021

And a new private launch contender

October 2020

This week: there is a new cohort of Chinese astronauts, GalaxySpace’s factory is moving forward, and a date is set for the launch of a joint…

September 2020

A failed launch and 3 successful launches, rocket-maker Landspace raised $175 million, China lost a ground station in Australia, and China launched a…

August 2020

PIESAT, a space journal, and a legal battle
This week: iSpace raises cash, China helps the Ethiopian space program, US officials hunt for academics with ties to China, and we look at the history…
August 17, 2020